Château Fleur Cardinale,
Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Classé

Dominique and Florence Decoster also had a clear idea of the wine they wanted to make: one which mirrors their love of the Saint-Emilion region and above all one which expresses the terroir of the vineyard of Château Fleur Cardinale.

Château Fleur Cardinale has since thrilled wine lovers in every vintage, achieving that much sought-after quality of power combined with elegance.

The wines display a deep, dense-coloured hue, while on the nose there are powerful ripe fruit aromas mingling with floral notes. Feminine in style, the wines have a seductive, rich mouth-feel, underpinned by elegant, silky tannins. The finish is long and harmonious, promising very long ageing potential in bottle.

These specific tasting characteristics, immediately recognisable to its growing number of followers, are the hallmark of Château Fleur Cardinale.

Fleur Cardinale

" [...] located undoubtedly in one of Saint-Emilion’s best wine growing areas [...] "



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“Fleur Cardinale, which has been in the hands of Florence and Dominique Decoster since 2001, has been producing great wines with clockwork regularity every year and as a result is now considered one of the best 100 growths in Bordeaux. It came as no surprise when it was promoted to Classified Growth status in 2006, which it maintained in the new 2012 classification.
The Decosters have been unwavering in their determination to get the best possible results every year regardless of cost or the efforts that may be necessary. I’ve been very proud to be the consultant for this property and to become a friend of the Decoster family. And whatever the successes or partial successes we may have achieved, we won’t hesitate to keep on making the best wine possible to meet the high expectations of our customers, who in the end are the only real judges of what we do.
In each vintage, I believe we have given it all we can, setting the bar higher the following year, seeking that extra detail which further enhances this lovely estate standing just next door to Valandraud and located undoubtedly in one of Saint-Emilion’s best wine growing areas. Our vineyard crew working among the old vines of the estate shows the greatest care for the natural environment and tends the vineyard as they would the loveliest of gardens, helping produce wines that are the fullest expression of a grand vin.”