An inspired idea

The idea suddenly came to them late one evening just as they were about to fall asleep. It suddenly caught their imaginations. They mulled it over for a few minutes, but then decided no…it wasn’t realistic. Days later that idea was still in their minds. It just wouldn’t go away. They hinted at it to others, who smiled in approval. It was a daring idea perhaps, but there are times when you want to believe, and nothing will stop you.  They decided to pursue it.

It was Florence Decoster, the present owner, who first nurtured that idea and brought it to fruition in the year 2000. Her husband, Dominique, having just completed the sale of his Limoges porcelain business, Haviland, had his doubts. “And now buy a vineyard?” he wondered slightly perplexed. But slowly the idea grew on him, and finally Florence and Dominique, both of them lovers of nature and fine dining, became enamoured with their new plan.

Arriving for the first time at the Château Fleur Cardinale estate, which is located on a limestone plateau just a few miles from the historic village of Saint-Emilion, Florence and Dominique were amazed by the beauty of the place and its surrounding countryside. They acquired the property in May 2001.